Auto Clubhouse: Luxury Garage Condo Community
Auto Clubhouse: Luxury Garage Condo Community
CRE: Ground Up Development
Jupiter, FL

Auto Clubhouse is exemplifies Sundial's approach to real estate investment and our commitment to not just following but setting trends. As a ground-up development in the burgeoning locale of Jupiter, Florida, this project is a harmonious blend of luxury, exclusivity, and automotive passion. Sundial, in co-sponsoring this development, is targeting an ambitious but attainable internal rate of return (IRR) of 30%. Our strategy is underpinned by a deep understanding of the market's pulse and the unique demands of the high-end automotive storage and experience sector.

The concept of Auto Clubhouse extends beyond mere storage; it's poised to become a vibrant community hub for car enthusiasts—a place where the appreciation for automotive beauty and engineering excellence is shared and celebrated. The design and architecture of the facility are set to reflect the same level of sophistication and attention to detail that our clients expect in their homes and in their cars. We're not just creating a space; we're curating an experience that encapsulates the joy of ownership and the pride of collection.

From the inception of this project, Sundial's involvement has been integral. We’ve engaged in meticulous planning and market analysis, ensuring that every aspect of Auto Clubhouse, from its strategic location to its state-of-the-art security features, is optimized for success. Our collaborative efforts with local partners and stakeholders have been pivotal in crafting a development plan that meets high standards of excellence and sustainability while promising significant growth potential.

As we approach the closing date in December 2023, our confidence in Auto Clubhouse's success only strengthens. This development is set to redefine luxury car storage and elevate the standard for automotive community spaces. With an eye towards the future and a dedication to achieving exceptional returns, Sundial is at the forefront of creating not just a property but a landmark that resonates with the lifestyle and aspirations of the discerning clientele of Jupiter, Florida. Auto Clubhouse is where the love for cars and the pursuit of investment excellence converge, driving us towards our goal of a 30% IRR.