CornerStory: A Creative Content Agency
CornerStory: A Creative Content Agency
Venture Studio
Miami, FL

Sundial's investment in CornerStory was predicated on the undeniable truth that the digital future is not just imminent, but already unfolding. CornerStory stood out as a beacon of digital transformation, a company that not only understands the intricacies of the digital landscape but also possesses the dexterity to navigate its volatile waters. We were impressed by their all-in partnership approach, which mirrors our own philosophy of deep, hands-on involvement. Their commitment to scaling digital sales by tenfold every five years demonstrated an ambitious, yet methodical growth mindset that we found compelling. The promise of partnering with innovative leaders to amplify their digital strategies aligned perfectly with Sundial's vision of investing in companies that are poised for exponential growth and are led by teams that are not afraid to get their fingernails dirty in the pursuit of excellence.

Strategically, Sundial became more than just a source of capital for CornerStory; we became collaborators, advisors, and the occasional soothsayers. Our seasoned strategists worked hand-in-glove with their team, helping to chart a clear five-year trajectory that encompassed everything from organizational structure to technology stack integration. By co-creating a strategic review process, we ensured that CornerStory's roadmap was not only visionary but also adaptable to the rapidly changing digital environment. This strategic guidance extended to cultivating an e-commerce presence that converts, and digital marketing initiatives that deliver a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS), leveraging everything from SEO to social media dynamism.

The operational synergy between Sundial and CornerStory was palpable in the execution phase. We didn't just advise from the boardroom; we were entrenched in the trenches, helping to steer the company through the day-to-day decisions that cumulatively spell long-term success. Our involvement spanned the spectrum from design strategy to digital operations, ensuring that CornerStory's execution matched their ambitious vision. By implementing best-in-class processes and insisting on a daily cadence of updates and weekly deep dives, we fostered a culture of relentless optimization and sustainable scale.

The result of this symbiotic partnership has been nothing short of remarkable. CornerStory is not just meeting milestones; it's surmounting them with a speed that's virtually unheard of, realizing an internal rate of return (IRR) in excess of 100%. This success story is a testament to the power of collaborative partnership and strategic investment, reflecting Sundial's commitment to not just partake in the digital revolution, but to actively shape its trajectory. CornerStory's daily delivery of real, actionable insights stands as a beacon of the digital prowess and innovative spirit that drive both our companies forward.